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Harry Potter, Molly Weasley


Along with the second Potter instalment and Murder, 2002 would also bring Before You Go (originally titled The Memory Of Water). Directed for the third time by Lewis Gilbert, this saw Julie, Joanne Whalley and Victoria Hamilton as three radically different sisters reunited at the funeral of a mother none of them loved, old wounds being swiftly and painfully reopened. The next year would bring a brace of minor controversies. On TV there'd be a bawdy version of The Canterbury Tales, Julie appearing as Beth Craddock in The Wife Of Bath's Tale, driven to infidelity by husband Bill Nighy's antics (she'd take a fourth consecutive BAFTA). Then would come The Return, where she was an alcoholic jailed for killing her husband. On her release she faces the hatred of her son as she tries to rebuild her life, the reality of her dreadful married life gradually creeping up on her. Far more cheerful would be Calendar Girls, the true story of the Rylstone And District branch of the Women's Institute and their decision to release a calendar featuring twelve of their number involved in standard WI activities while stark naked. Julie would play Annie Clarke, losing husband John Alderton to leukaemia then plotting with rebellious buddy Helen Mirren to raise money for the local hospital that treated him so well. It was a typical Walters part, veering wildly between grief, mischief and joy.

Next Walters would return to the 1970s Troubles with Mickeybo And Me where she played a Catholic housewife struggling to bring up her brood while her son, obsessed with Butch Cassidy, goes on the run with a friend from the other side of the religious tracks. Then would come more real-life drama in Ahead Of The Class where she played headmistress Marie Stubbs, taking over and taming St George's School in Westminster after the murder of Philip Lawrence. After rejoining Victoria Wood and the team in Acorn Antiques: The Musical at the Haymarket's Theatre Royal, she helped out her Killing Dad co-star Richard E Grant by appearing in his autobiographical Wah-Wah. Set in Swaziland, this would see Miranda Richardson cheat on her diplomat husband, Gabriel Byrne, throwing family life into chaos. Walters would appear as their troubled neighbour, drawn into the mess as it's her husband Richardson has cheated with.


2006 would bring yet more fun. Teaming up with fellow Weasley Rupert Grint, she'd play a lonely, often inebriated actress who hires the boy to drive her around. Wholly hedonistic, she tries to teach him to enjoy his life, battling for his soul with his strict religious mother Laura Linney. Following this would be Philip Pullman's The Ruby In The Smoke where young Billie Piper, her father apparently drowned, is drawn into a world of cursed jewels, drugs, murderous gangs and all manner of Eastern mystery. Walters would have great fun as Mrs Holland, a repulsive old psycho who wears false teeth she's taken from her husband's coffin and attempts to rob and kill Piper. The year would also bring Walters' first novel, Maggie's Tree, drawn from memories of her career and involving three British women, all performers, in New York City.


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