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Roles are drying up, says Julie Walters, 62, as she attacks cult of youth


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Wed, Aug 22, 2012:


You only have to hear her speak to know she is simply not the retiring type.
And Julie Walters is keen that description should now be taken literally... especially by film-makers.

The 62-year-old became the latest screen veteran to attack the prevailing cult of youth as she admitted that film offers are drying up as the years pass.


Screen veteran not retiring: At 62, actor Julie Walters admits film offers have dried up over the years since she starred in 1983 film Educating Rita, left
Actresses of her generation face being 'put out to grass once we hit 60', she complained.


Youth in films: Walters said 'it seems appealing to youth is the only way forward - but that's no longer the case'
"I'd love to be in another film, but they haven't asked me." she said.
"It's a shame, but the prospects of me doing another one now are remote."



Award-winning: Walters has won six Baftas and a Golden Globe over her 30-year career but says the chance of another film offer is remote
"Please do campaign on my behalf."
The star of Educating Rita and Calendar Girls did not directly attack the film industry, but insisted: "There is this idea that appealing to youth is the only way forward."
"But that is no longer the case. Youth is not everything."
"Now we have all the baby boomers in their 60s, like me, who are actively engaged in life – we're not retiring, we're not just going to be put out to grass once we hit 60."
The mother-of-one, who has won six Baftas and a Golden Globe over her 30-year career, is due to appear in Justin And The Knights Of Valour, and in the period drama Effie.
She recently voiced the character of the old witch in the Disney Pixar animated film Brave, which is at the top of current UK box office ratings.
Miss Streep, 63, who starred alongside Miss Walters in Mamma Mia! in 2008, has also addressed the issue, saying she was repeatedly offered the roles of 'ghastly' witches' after she turned 40.
This, she said, suggested a general attitude in Hollywood that women her age were "grotesque on some level".
Dame Helen has also criticised a distinct lack of film roles for older women.


Offered witch roles: Meryl Streep, who starred with Walters in 2008 film Mamma Mia!, pictured here with Amanda Seyfried, says she was repeatedly offered "ghastly witch" roles after she turned 40



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