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Julie Walters slams TV talent shows

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Julie Walters slams TV talent shows

Thuesday, July 17, 2012:


Julie Walters has hit out at the makers of TV talent shows, accusing them of exploiting contestants.

The Harry Potter actress also complained that today's schedules contained too many reality shows.

Asked what makes her angry, Julie, 62, told the Radio Times: "That there's not enough drama being made. We've got too many reality shows, but that's probably just a fashion so I'm waiting for things to swing back.

"I also get very angry that vulnerable people appear in the audition stages of TV talent shows. I think it's sad that people's real vulnerabilities are being exploited. They simply shouldn't be there."

Julie is not the first star to lambast TV talent shows. Earlier this year, Paul Weller criticised so-called "edgy" aspiring singers who chase success by auditioning on the shows.

The former Jam frontman called TV talent shows "Saturday-night viewing for the masses", adding: "Would I be a judge? Would I hell."
Sir Elton John has also said that he is "not a fan of talent shows", adding: "I probably wouldn't have lasted if I'd gone on one. I was asked to judge American Idol."
Julie also told the magazine she is a "soap addict" and would like to appear in Coronation Street, EastEnders or Emmerdale.

"I did once mention that I'd love a part in Corrie, and they were immediately on the phone to various agents. But I think that might have to wait for later in my career now," she said.


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